… the BEST Just Got BETTER: “V3″ is Released!

Adsense $100k Blueprint V3

The only TIME-TESTED and PROVEN  course
for building a 6-Figure business!

“…this thing is a game-changer…” Tony Mandarich

Aren’t you sick and tired of:

…Get Rich Schemes That Don’t Get You Rich?

…Business Models That Sound Great But Don’t Actually Work?

…“Experts” That Don’t Actually Do What They Teach?

Are you FINALLY ready to step up to real, sustainable, “Quit-Your-Job” success?

“Not only does the Blueprint provide an almost-foolproof guide to creating a successful online business that anyone can implement, it’s really a ‘must have’ for anyone looking to make money online.”

“The chapters on research,content, and traffic are clear, fresh, and so effective, they’re worth the price of admission alone.”

Tony Mandarich, Former NFL Star, Author, Entrepreneur

Adsense $100k Blueprint V3 provides you with PROVEN, Step-by-Step Blueprints that will FINALLY earn you the kind of income you’ve been striving for, but could never seem to reach!

“V3″ gives you the EXACT formulas we have been using to earn
Week-in and week-out, month-in and month-out, for YEARS…
…and NOT by building hundreds of $1-per-day-websites…!

“…talk is cheap, but results are priceless. Now I have
a smile on my face when I check my Adsense account! “

- James Mateo

This is NOT just about Adsense: with the new “V3″, we’ve added FOUR NEW BUSINESS MODELS and applied the
MOST EFFECTIVE & PROVEN Internet Marketing tactics & strategies to Adsense, e-Commerce, Affiliate Sales, List Marketing, Content Marketing, and more!

Using the Blueprint, we took a site idea from brand-spanking-new, just registered and not-even-indexed, to OVER $100/DAY IN JUST OVER 90 DAYS!

A “flash in the pan”? Hardly.

(EDIT: Reached a $415 in a single day!)

And we do this over & over, virtually “On-Demand”!

“These guys REALLY know what they’r doing…”

Art Lynch

Just a HANDFUL of these sites earns OVER $100,000!

“The Adsense $100k Blueprint is the most thorough guide to making money online that I’ve ever read.”

“Everything is very step-by-step, from the niche research to the traffic methods, and the methods are not the same rehashed ideas I’ve seen everywhere else on the web.

I really like the action plan that is given at the end to summarize everything that you should be doing, so that nothing gets left out.

Kecia Hambrick, Freelance Writer

“If you’re reading this and have struggled trying to make it online, but couldn’t seem to find a way to break
through to success, then this is for you my friend.”

“What Mike teaches about Niche Selection alone is worth more than the cost of admission.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out this isn’t your average, run of the mill Adsense course.”

“He has a methodical, step by step approach that no one else is teaching that I’ve seen.”  “If you want to make it online, you really need to pick up this blueprint and follow it to the letter.

Pat Sava, Internet Marketer

Haven’t you had it with the “Flavor of the Month” scheme, businesses that cost you more to start than you end up learning, bouncing from one half-baked “silver bullet” Guru launch to the

If you have finally reached that point where you are ready to get SERIOUS about achieving Quit-your-Job income, then keep reading – you’re in the right place!

“If you want to make it in the Internet Marketing game, you really need
to pick up this course and follow it to the letter.”

Pat Sava

“V3″ will teach you everything you need to know to generate a legitimate, sustainable 6-figure income:

  • How to QUICKLY find the RIGHT niches & keywords!

  • How to create the RIGHT sites the RIGHT way!

  • How to get $1, $5, and more PER CLICK!

  • How to get click-through rates up to 50%!

  • How to keep visitors POURING into your site!

We put it all together into a
Follow the Blueprint, get the results -

“I’ve seen a good number of courses and have to admit I was a bit skeptical or jaded.”

“What I found however was that the “Blueprint” was so clear, the tone so positive and confident that I almost forgot I was reading a “course.”

I had all but given up on Adsense ever being a real source of significant income, however Mike (the author) gives great detail as to how Adsense sites can indeed produce significant amounts of money.

Garry Dufresne, Internet Marketer

“A100K Blueprint is exactly what I needed to boost my sites.”

“Your no-nonsense approach to choosing niches and keywords has given me a whole new outlook on increasing my Adsense profits.”

“I’ve purchased lots of courses and this is by far the most straightforward and easy to understand of them all. Anyone in the same boat should stop taking on water and make A100K a permanent part of their IM arsenal.”

James Mateo, Internet Marketer

We’ve seen the same sad story, way too many times: You know there is a ton of money to be made. That dream of earning BIG INCOME online, working from home, is just a HAIR’S BREADTH away – all you need is the “right” formula, the “right” method, and you’ll be earning all the money you could ever want…

…You see huge payouts with “CPA offers”, but every offer is either saturated, or just never takes off.

…You hear of fortunes being made with Adwords PPC – Pay Per Click marketing – but realize it takes a LOT of money to bankroll, and a great deal of expertise.

…You know there are some people making job-quitting, full-time money with Adsense, BUT…

…Maybe you’ve read about success with “x-factor” type Micro Niche Sites – but who wants to have to build and manage 300 sites?

…You know there is such thing as $1, $2, $5, even $10 clicks, but all YOU’VE ever seen is $.05 and $.10 CENTS per click!

…You hear that to “make it” with Adsense, you need a 1000-page “Authority” site.

…You read stories of people spending a YEAR building their Adsense portfolio, only to have their accounts banned for NO REASON…

“This course really does deliver what works now,
in a way that makes complete sense to me. “

George F.

We’re here to tell you:

If you want to achieve REAL, LEGITIMATE, SUSTAINABLE income,
we have the plans for BIG, LONG-TERM SUCCESS…

…all you have to do is follow our

“Mike, I’m really stoked about your Adsense $100k Blueprint.  Thanks for such a great package! The article marketing tips you present will make my efforts “evergreen” with little maintenance ever needed to keep the cash coming in.”"With the “rinse and repeat” techniques, the whole plan can be implemented as many times as I want. It’s a steal at what you’re charging. Thanks for making it affordable to the masses!”

George F., Internet Marketer


“This package doesn’t stop at the clear and concise instruction.
A good, clean WordPress theme designed for Adsense and the necessary plugins for SEO are included along with the “IM Toolchest”, a SUPER compilation of hundreds of links for anything you could possibly need for Internet marketing.
“”Mike, you and your associates truly over-deliver!

Art Lynch, Merchant Services Advisor

No more Wasted Time, Thrown-Away Money, Frustration, and Disappointment… This Works!

This is NOT the same used-up, washed-out, barely-worked-anyway tactics, or any tired, re-hashed schemes…  We turn Adsense upside-down, and “Conventional Wisdom” on it’s head!  After all, if you’ve been following “Conventional Wisdom” and you’re still reading this, it probably hasn’t worked for you, and you probably haven’t made the kind of money you’re really after.

You can – finally and forever – be done with throwing out your money on the “Next Big Thing”, and step up to REAL, LONG-TERM, 6-FIGURE EARNINGS!

“It seems like a clear light in a foggy field!”

Garry Dufresne

This is the real deal. Using our $100k Blueprint, you will be able to create your own 6-figure income Adsense business.

Let us TAKE YOU BY THE HAND and show you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, including:

  • How to find the ‘RIGHT’ keywords that pay BIG BUCKS!

  • How to find the ‘RIGHT‘ domain name is SECONDS!

  • How to get a site up around those keywords in NO TIME!

  • The EXACT layout to use for RIDICULOUS CLICK-THROUGHS!

  • How to insure your sites are BULLET-PROOF-COMPLIANT!

  • How to get your sites indexed in as LITTLE AS A FEW HOURS!


Adsense $100k Blueprint includes:

The Blueprint PDF, a comprehensive 100+ page manual explaining the entire Blueprint plan, where you’ll learn…

  • Version 2 Recently Released, and Fully ‘Panda’ Compliant
  • A Whole New Way To Look At Adsense
  • A New Approach To Niche and Keyword Research
  • Eye-Opening Expose: How Search Engine Ranking REALLY Works
  • Hyper-Effective SEO & “Backlinking” Guide
  • Step-by-Step Guide & Action Plan
  • How-To Videos Covering All Components of the Blueprint

PLUS, you’ll also receive…

  • Two customized WordPress Themes, Fully Compliant With Google’s Latest Algo Changes
  • “SEO Blueprint Pak” – The Complete Collection of Plugins
  • Action Plan Tracking Spreadsheet
  • The “ULTIMATE IM Toolchest” – An Incredible, Comprehensive Collection of Hundreds of the Best IM Resources – all FREE!
  • Online Resource Kit – The Most Comprehensive Collection of Online Resources



“This sounds like just what I’ve been after, but I have a few questions…”

Q. “What if I’m not an Adsense ‘expert’?”
A. You don’t need ANY prior Adsense experience or expertise! In fact, the LESS you know, the BETTER – you won’t have to “unlearn” bad habits and correct mis-information.

Q. “What if I’m not a ‘techie’ and don’t have experience creating websites?”
A. The Blueprint includes step-by-step instructions for EVERYTHING – including getting your websites up & running. We don’t assume anything.

Q. “What else will I need? How much more will I have to spend?”
A. The ONLY additional expense is the cost for domain names and hosting. Realistically, you can begin with $15. Want to “scale it up”?
We show you exactly where and how you can move even faster & further with outsourcing.

Q. “What if I don’t have an Adsense account yet?”
A. We show you the QUICKEST, SUREST ways to get your account approved.

Q. “How long will it take before I’m earning money?”
A. The Blueprint includes a “7-Day Action Plan”. After that, you can start seeing revenues in as little as a week or two.

Q. “How much can I REALLY make?”
A. The Sky’s The Limit! This is truly a scalable, bottomless business model. There is no limit to how far you can go.

“Built on real-world experience rather than theory.

Clear & comprehensive, it’s a business model rather than a tactic.”

“Sharp thinking from a sharp mind!”

Jay Stockwell
Developer of SpeedPPC

If you are finally ready to put aside all those NEVER-HAPPEN, GET-RICH-QUICK schemes and start earning BIG money the RIGHT way, then you’re ready for the Adsense $100k Blueprint!

Order The Adsense $100k Blueprint now and get started immediately!

PS – We’re so sure you’re going to love Adsense $100k Blueprint, we guarantee it! If you don’t, return it in 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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